:::RECENT SCHOOL NEWS ::: Congratulations to SPSAA team for winning the Annual Business Quiz on 19th July 2013! SPSAA is proud of Kartikay Bharadwaj (2010) and Anuj Gandhi (2012)!

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The SPSAA is a wonderful mixture of experience and youth – that should be pretty obvious of course as the St. Paul’s completes its 40 years this year! The SPSAA, founded in 2002-2003, recently concluded its elections for the office bearers and executive committee, and we aspire of making SPSAA, along with St. Paul’s, a name to reckon with! Having said that we must also confess that we, office bearers and members of the executive committee, can't do anything without Your Support! So we humbly request all of you to cooperate with us and become a part of all the functions organized, sponsored and conducted by the SPSAA.

Since everything in today's world comes with a price tag, so everything we organize / sponsor cost money. Since the Alumni is in its nascent stage we humbly request you all to kindly come and register yourselves and Pay your Annual Fees. We also request all Paulite's to make some Donation to the Alumni and support us in our efforts to give back something to the Institute, which has played a major role in shaping not only our careers but also our character.

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Principal's Message

" Dear Alumni of SPS,

   A small seed when it grows, it becomes a beautiful plant. We begin as a seed and over a period of time, with proper care, nurturing we bloom into all that God wants us to be. There is a time when the plant needs to be transplanted because it outgrows its original pot. But wherever we are, we need to bloom where we are planted.

Our Alumni students have bloomed into beautiful plants. But wherever you are and whatever you are, make sure you create your own wonderful life at the same time maintain your relationships with your friends, family and your alma matter. Bloom where you are planted and experience abundant life.

Best Wishes
Rachel Thomas
Principal, SPS"